iPhone Hacking

So over the weekend seeing Josh Knowles’ iPhone presentation I really got motivated to do something with my iPhone. I was a little nervous until after code camp I had to have something fixed on my phone and I saw the restore process in person and was a LOT less nervous.

Earlier this week Gizmodo had a link to hacking your iPhone. It looked too easy.

I saw something today that Navizon had GPS for the iPhone. So today during lunch. I said okay.. I am going to do this. Crossed my fingers and prayed I wouldn’t turn this thing into a brick!

I started by doing the following.

  • Download Installer.app and save to Desktop
  • Ran System Update to get latest version of iTunes
  • Connected iPhone to Mac with cable provided w/ iPhone.
  • Synched iPhone with iTunes (so would have a copy of data if things went wrong)
  • De-Activated “automatic sync” in iTunes and quit iTunes.
  • Double clicked Installer.app saved to desktop.
  • Followed All Instructions given by Installer.app

Once Installer was done and installed on iPhone, I promptly installed:

  • Community Sources
  • BSD Tools
  • OpenSSH
  • Terminal
  • Navizon GPS

I encourage everyone to play around. If you iPhone freaks on you at any point you can hold the “action” button and the button on the top to “reset” a frozen iPhone. Happy Hacking!