Geek-N-Eat Community Building

This last Friday I was all set and ready to go to Tempe Nerds lunch and then I got a tweet saying that the Geek ‘n’ Eat was also on the same day. How great is Phoenix that we now have multiple events that are vying for an audience large enough to support them all? Since I really believe in trying to centralize the creative space and practice the art of collaboration, I decided to support my friends at Open Rain and walk down the street to Pacific Seafood Buffet to get both my geek and my eat on. Yes, I said WALK. Despite conventional wisdom, a city is what you make it, not what others perceive it!


It was great to see all of Integrum show up to the event and have great conversation and meet people from as far as Texas. I hope that you find it in you to get out and go to the next local event that sounds interesting to you. Not only will you get a lot out of it, but you will be encouraging others to continue putting themselves out there for the community. Thanks to both Sean and Preston for being there to build the Phoenix community.