How Do You Become Agile?

A few weeks back as part of Hacknight at Gangplank, Jade Meskill and myself thought it would be interesting to try to video document what a project board looks like during an iteration at Integrum.  We have been wanting to put more and more of this information out on the interwebs in hopes of getting feedback from other shops trying to continually improve their software development process.

Integrum Project Board from Integrum Technologies on Vimeo.

We are very excited that Obie Fernandez of Hashrocket has started to take the time to also share how they are doing things, starting with their first installment showing how they handle a company wide standup.  We believe that the best way to improve is to share ideas and concepts.  So we are hoping that if you are software development company you will share pieces of what you do and why you do it or comment/criticize on how we do things so that we can all build better software.

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