Arizona – America’s Natural Theme Park

There are so many reasons to love and celebrate living in Metro Phoenix.  We have a plethora of great State and National Parks, which need your support.  We are also in close driving distance to many little towns deep in history and beauty.  One of my favorite things to do is explore Arizona.  After 35 years, it still amazes me how much is left to explore.  If you ever need an excuse to get out and explore I suggest taking a look at AZ Tourist, a collection of things going on that are worth getting out and exploring.  If you want something even more off the beaten path, I suggest looking at AZ Geocaching.  I love hearing about great places in Arizona.  If you stumble across something worth going to, please share it.

2 thoughts on “Arizona – America’s Natural Theme Park

  1. Three other good resources: Arizona Heritage Traveler (, Arizona Trail (, and Arizona Passages (

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