Five Arizona Companies That Got Some Funding

The other day I lamenting about “Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” and this week I noticed that the Phoenix Business Journal a list of entrepreneurs that found funding this year.

    1. $10M Sharp Equity – A resource for buying homes at trustee sales;  specializes in trustee sales, fix-and-flips, wholesale properties and rentals.
    2. $10M Flypaper Studios Inc. – Develops software applications to create, track, manage and share custom Flash projects.
    3. $11M iMemories Inc. – Transforms old home movies and pictures into digital media and gives their owners an online storage home for their digital mementos.
    4. $28M SDCMaterials Inc – Develops a nanomolecular compound that can help reduce emissions from diesel and gasoline, and another that provides composite material for armor.
    5. $43M Ubidyne Inc – Wireless radio company developing a digital system that uses a smaller footprint and less power than traditional mobile system.

      So that should break the myth.  It is possible to raise money in Arizona.  So quit complaining and start being awesome enough to raise some of your own. : )


      1. News to me. I don’t know about funding a company which counts flipping homes among it’s designs. To me, that sort of plays up to the Phoenix-is-a-real-estate-town-and-nothing-else vibe, but maybe someone was hedging a bet with that one.

        Smaller footprint wireless is one of those future technologies that’s going to make our world a better place. Hopefully we get some city-wide wifi with a decent speed in the process. Hopefully the net will still be somewhat neutral when that technology starts to spread.

        And, as a gearhead, I would love to see technologies that reduce emissions of diesels. These hybrids make me sick. They are overly complex and over-priced in pursuit of the sort of mileage small displacement turbo diesel cars are getting on the roads in Europe.

        Interesting to see your question of who got funding answered, Derek.

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