11 Months of Phoenix Metro Rail Ridership Data?

I saw RailLife post Metro Rail ridership numbers from Jan 2009 through Nov 2009.  I was curious what these numbers looked like graphed out, so I quickly plotted the weekday, saturday and sunday/holiday numbers.

Metro Ridership by Month

I then wondered what effect temperature may have had on ridership based on extreme heat here in Arizona.  Granted I was only able to use average monthly temperature and monthly ridership numbers instead of being able to plot ridership everyday by temperature.  I would like someone with that data to plot it though or post the daily ridership numbers so someone else can plot it.

Metro Ridership by Temperature

Lastly I wanted to see what effect gasoline prices had on ridership.  I was only able to use average gas prices with month totals instead of average gas price by day and ridership by day.

Metro Ridership by Gas Price

All in all this data is probably useless for several reasons.  Gas prices jump dramatically during the summer almost directly at the same time temperatures rise here in Arizona.  Rising gas prices and temperatures happen at the same time students are out of school and snow birds are gone.  Would love to hear various theories and see more data.


  1. This will be more useful when there’s several years worth of data – it’s hard to pull too many conclusions off a single year’s worth of numbers.

  2. Funny, when I was writing the post, I thought it would be cool to do a graph like your top one. The others bring up more great thoughts.
    Thanks so much for doing this!
    I agree with Scott in that it will be cool to watch longer term trends.
    Very cool post… Again, thanks.

  3. Consider winter visitors and vacation times. Some people are Phoenix-area residents who leave between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Others are snowbirds who come here between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Together they make up maybe a quarter to a third of Phoenix-area residents who are absent during summer!

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