Startups and Mind Camps and Crowd Pitches. Oh My

It is clear to me that we are not in Kansas anymore.  I expected today to be full of amazing as more days than not seem to be that way of late around Gangplank.  The morning got going by kicking off a new start-up that Integrum is working with from a group of Intel alumni.  The planning meeting for the kickoff was full of energy and was a setup for things to come.  Straight from that meeting had an Integrum retrospective that unveiled a new concept of transparent and accountable running of a company day in and day out.  I will probably make a separate post on the concept in the near future.

By the time we finished up there it was time for Mind Camp to kick off.  Four hours of heated debate on transportation, regional city planning and religion later it was time to break down and setup for Crowd Pitch.  I love the energy around Crowd Pitch and sitting on an investor panel is always fun.  By the end of the night I learned that Gnomedex is now part of Funding Universe and that there is a good chance we could see it coming to Chandler in the future.  Additionally, there is a reasonable chance that we could be launching Gangplank in a foreign country.  Possibilities are limitless when you stop putting boundaries on potential by planning too small.

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