Sunday Review: Driven From Within by Michael Jordan

Thumbs up means I highly recommend reading the book. A thumbs down means read something else unless you have free time on your hands.
thumbs-upDriven from Within

Take Away: Jordan proves that talent had little to do with his rise to success. He was clearly the hardest working guy in the NBA.


  1. As a lifelong Bulls fan who vividly remembers watching Jordan against the TrailBlazers in the 92 finals at 6 years old, this book is pretty much right up my alley. I’ve always known Jordan was a hard worker and fiercely competitive. By many accounts he wasn’t a very nice guy either. His fairly recent HOF speech seems to back some of that up. How does this book paint that part of him (if at all)? Just curious.

  2. Jordan definitely talks about how expected everyone on the team as well as those at Nike to work as hard as he did. When they didn’t he wasn’t polite about it. He definitely goes into a few interactions he had with Horace Grant and verifies that they did not get along. He talks about how he was also very tight with money and that this regularly upset people around him. I get the impression that he is a nice guy to those that he respects. Those that he does not, don’t expect much from him.

  3. I think his personality traits created almost a perfect storm of what would be needed in one of the greatest/athlete competitors of all time. I also get the idea that these same personality traits probably put strain on his personal relationships with people. Just speculation but I will be reading this book now.

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