Art in Unlikely Places / Downtown Revitalization

Revitalizing an area and encouraging urban infill is about more than attracting new business to a location.  It really is about building community and getting people involved.  One thing I love about downtown Chandler’s effort is that they understand that details matter.  They are far from perfect but they are attempting to get the little things right.  The business owners and residents really are a tight knit family.

Look around downtown and you will see bursts of color everywhere, thanks to the “Downtown Chandler Wrap Project, Making Art out of the Ordinary.”  These photographic and digital paintings, which cover trash receptacles and bollards, are now anything but ordinary. A public jury selected the work of four local artists–  Maynard Breese, Sue Cullumber, Dale Kesel and George Lenz— whose images were then transferred to vinyl with laminate. The images were then wrapped around the objects to produce one of the first exhibits of its kind in Chandler.

“We were able to use art to enhance regular objects and create a visually pleasing environment,” says Eric Faulhaber, Visual Arts Coordinator for the City of Chandler and the Chandler Arts Commission.  The exhibit is sponsored by the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership, the City of Chandler’s Downtown Redevelopment Office and the Chandler Arts Commission.