I love art. Hugh Macleod’s Wolf vs Sheep.

I don’t know shit about art.  Really.  I know what moves me though.  I know what connects with me emotionally.  I know what draws my attention.  My good friend Francine Hardaway brought a Hugh Macleod print in.  I went to hang the Wolf vs Sheep print and instantly fell in love.  I already knew I liked Hugh’s style.  This print however just had all the right elements for me.  The shapes, the lines, the colors… but most importantly the message in the words.

“The price of being a sheep is boredom. The price of being a wolf is loneliness.  Choose one or the other with great care.”

This hits home.  I feel I live this decision everyday.  I can go make an existence in corporate America with great pay, reasonable security and struggle to press the boundaries that make me feel alive inside.  My personality dies a little inside when I am put into this sheep mode.  To me it goes even beyond boredom and almost into clinical depression.  However being a wolf and getting aggressive about cutting new paths leaves a path of destruction.  I lose connectedness to my family and am unable to keep friends.  Furthermore, I get so driven that I struggle to keep business relationships.  I find my self far from bored and full of life, but it can get pretty damn lonely.  Everyday I have to ask myself which path is the right one.  I am not convinced that either is, but I think that “balance” is even worse.

Everytime I look at this piece of work, I ponder what my life means to me.  So while I’m no expert, it’s art to me!

I am grateful that Tyler a local community brand manager asked for feedback on Hugh’s art.  I have been meaning to post about it’s significance to me for some time and now I had even more of a reason to.


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