Jaime Escalante Thank You For Believing In Kids The System Gave Up On

Jaime Escalante was an immigrant from Bolivia that would not accept that students in his classes at Garfield Highschool in Los Angeles, CA were not capable of passing an Advanced Placement Calculus test.  He passed away yesterday, but it is my hope that his belief in the human spirit to perform stays alive in each of us.  We classify and toss kids a side as lost causes and promote others forward as gifted in this society.  It should be criminal.  The capacity of the human mind and it’s ability to learn and create is beyond any of our understanding.  I ask that today, you don’t give up on a child and instead support one.  The simple act of believing in someone can make the difference of a life time.  Who do you choose to believe in today?  Pick up Stand and Deliver at Redbox or on Netflix and be inspired.