Proper Representation in US Congress

Some staggering statistics…

1789 – 1st Congress

Estimated population (2,500,000)

26 – Senators (1 to 96,154)

65 – Represenatives (1 to 38,642)

91 – Total Representatives (1 to 27,473)

2010 – 111th Congress

Estimated population (309,000,000)

100 – Senators (1 to 3,090,000)

435 – Represenatives (1 to 710,345)

535 – Total Representatives (1 to 577,570)

If we were to update the 111th Congress to match in ratio we would need 11,248 congressmen.

I think we can all agree that adding nearly 10,000 people to congress would be detrimental and not helpful, but it doesn’t mean that the problem of being under represented doesn’t exist.  Sure we have email, twitter, facebook and other technologies that help us use our voice, but I think that as a whole that 1 person representing the interest of nearly half a million people is just not right.

We need to be talking about solutions to this problem.  Has the United States become too big?  Is it time for some serious reformation?  Things that make me go.. hmmmm..