Political Bites: Mesa Gateway Airport Destinations

What destinations or airline carriers would you like to see at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport?

Allegiant has a done a great job so far, but it would be good to see other innovators in the industry like Southwest, Jet Blue and Virgin use the airport.  Service to Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles would be beneficial for travel and commuters.  Supporting major hubs like Chicago, Atlanta, DC, New York, Boston and San Francisco would be beneficial.


  1. I’m not sure Gateway is ready to expand – their infrastructure is pretty lacking at this point.

    The said, I woulnt mind southwest airlines flying me out of there to many if not all their stops.

    Might be hard to get too many big carriers until the airport is tooled up. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of maintenance facilities. I fly out of there in a corporate shuttle fairly often and while it is growing, it needs to grow much larger and smarter to bring in the big carriers.

  2. Southwest probably wouldn’t fly out of Gateway because they already fly out of Sky Harbor. I assume the same is true of Jet Blue (but I don’t know).

    HOWEVER, Virgin does NOT fly out of Sky Harbor and they’re an awesome airline. I’d love to see them connect to the area! If they got a gate at Gateway that’d be a MASSIVE WIN for us.

  3. As a neighbor of the airport, I would love to see Southwest fly out of Mesa Gateway. They have great service and fly to smaller locations. As for destinations probably LA, Vegas, Denver etc.

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