Political Bites: Rising Prescription Costs

Given increasing prescription costs stateside, would you buy medicine from Mexican or Canadian pharmacies?

Pharmaceutical companies are simply out of control spending more money on marketing drugs than they do on the research, but claiming escalating costs are due to regulation and research.  It is unfortunate that any US citizen has to go to a foreign country in order to afford medical care.  Especially if that country has weaker regulations and lower standards of care.  However, it is a reality that many face.


  1. I bought my prescriptions from GetCanadianDrugs.com in Vancouver for ten years. They arrived on time, the pharmacist was personal over the phone, and the cost was about 50%. The idea that Mexican or Canadian drugs aren’t safe is bull pucky. We are the only country that does not negotiate drug prices with the Pfizers of the world.

    Canada does not have weaker standards of care. My daughter married a Canadian, and both of his parents have cancer and are getting top notch care. Free.

  2. Frankly, I’m surprised to see such a blanket statement from you with no facts behind it.

    Who cares how much a company spends on marketing versus research in any other industry? This is an anecdotal panacea that people use to justify their jump onto the “drug companies are evil” bandwagon.

    Keep in mind that the drug companies spend $30B+ on research. Much of which never makes it to market. And we benefit from those drugs. If nobody made them, we might die from the average infection, but at least we wouldn’t be over-charged for it.

    The problem with prescription drugs in this country is the FDA. The FDA controls the price and the politics of which drugs we can get. As someone who worked for a company that reported on FDA regulation daily, I can tell you that it is insane. When will someone step up and call the FDA out. I guess it’s just not popular enough.

  3. The political bites format allows only for an 80 word response. This is why you don’t see a bunch of citations and background in the post. I am all for capitalism, but then we need to fix drug patents, etc. Drug companies can not have it both ways. Either they are doing it for public good and making some money or they in it to build personal wealth. Currently, they enjoy the benefits of both.

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