Political Bites: Southeast Valley Changes

Some things from the Southeast Valley’s past — businesses, buildings, industries, feelings, etc. — are no longer with us. What is one thing you miss the most, and why?

There has been a lot of change in the Southeast Valley in the last decade.  I miss Rittenhouse Road connecting at Williams Field Road and heading South to Queen Creek.  It provided a bit of character and followed the train.  Additionally, seeing the Boys and Girls Club in Gilbert get demolished was difficult even though the building was in rough shape.


  1. I miss the cornfield on Chandler Blvd just west of I-10. Now there’s a Cracker Barrel there. Blech.

  2. Boys and Girls club going was a sad thing. I was just driving down Rittenhouse today to pick up my daughter in the QC and was thinking same thing about the road! It made it a little easier to get down there too, you bypassed alot. Now you have to go around on the main streets and connect with it more south.

    There was a small Victorian Tea place on Gilbert Rd between Warner and Elliot that closed down a few years ago. That was always a fun place to take my daughters.

  3. – I miss the old church (Boys and Girls Club) too.
    – Miss driving through acres of cotton or corn just south of downtown.
    – One could take a zig-zag route from Queen Creek to Florence on the north side of the San Tan Mountains without seeing anything but sparse farm houses.

    Interesting that I can’t think of anything I miss about downtown Gilbert in contrast with all the things I now enjoy there.

  4. I was actually going to mention Rittenhouse as well. I used to live on the base, and I remember there being a lot of character to that road.

    I miss the cornfields across the street from Chandler-Gilbert Community College. I actually enjoyed the rural feel that’s now been replaced by master-planned communities and stripo malls.

    I miss “La Tolteca” being across the street from ASU, and (even more) the combination Teriyaki Stix / Hogi Yogi that was near it.

    I also miss the old Phoenix Library (now part of the Phoenix Art Museum), although it can’t be denied that the new one is an awesome architectural addition to the city.

  5. I miss saying “turn at the big haystack”, Norton’s Corner, and the BREWERS spring training games. I’m really really old.

  6. I miss Norton’s Corner quite a bit, but now that I live in Queen Creek it moved with me. 🙂 It used to be 1 mile south when I lived at Ray/Gilbert and now its 1 mile south again. The BREWERS. How the hell did I forget Compadre stadium? How? Now I feel my response to the Republic was entirely inadequate. We must be close to the same age.

  7. I miss some of the rural feel, but we moved to Queen Creek and still live next to 100+ acre farms, so I don’t “miss” it the same way as others. I miss La Tolteca, Coffee Plantation and Momma’s Pizzeria in downtown Tempe. If I did not find Floridino’s for calzone’s I would probably cry about Mama’s everytime I heard the word calzone. Hogi Yogi was a staple for me when I worked down there. Also, the Sahara middle eastern food (hummus baby). I could list off a lot of things from Mill Avenue was worth visiting. I should have just listed OLD MILL AVE (and cruising).

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