You Can’t Do Collaboration Without Being a Collaborator

In various software development circles I hear the phrase “You can’t do Agile, you have to be Agile”.  This makes sense to me so never thought much about it.  However, when asked about Gangplank and describing it we choose say collaborative workspace over coworking, but it’s hard to get people to understand that difference.

It wasn’t until I read Johanna Rotham’s Six Behaviors to Consider for an Agile Teamthat it really hit home.  It made sense.  “You can’t do collaboration, you have to be a collaborator”.  In a nutshell, we didn’t create Gangplank because it’s what we do, we created Gangplank because it’s who we are.  This might sound like a trivial subtlety, but I think it’s really what makes Gangplank work.

6 thoughts on “You Can’t Do Collaboration Without Being a Collaborator

  1. Just like the search for more interesting always leads back to being more so.

    Man, we’re all smart.


  2. I spend so much time trying to get people around the world to interact with one another, to prime the pump for collaboration, yet I couldn’t name six people in my neighborhood. WTH.

    I need to get down to Gangplank. I think I’m doing it wrong.

  3. I’m curious if you’re trying to drop the “co-working” moniker, why do you still have it listed in the title for GP? I am sure its for SEO and common misconception purposes, but isn’t it better to just drop it completely?

  4. Straight up SEO. I dropped it. Chuck put it back. Business decision wise it makes sense to be found.

  5. Re: SEO – It’s also great to be found and then advocate for what is better. It’s like ranking for spec work so you can explain the pitfalls.

  6. I figured as much. Good stuff.