Being Organized Increases Creative Potential

Your ideas need air to breathe.  If your mind is consumed worrying about all the things you have to do; how can you expect it to have cycles to be innovative? In order to be creative you need to have capacity available to open up and stretch your thoughts.


A lot of people seem focused on getting organized, but in reality they usually are just playing the game of “getting organized”.  They complain life is out of control and they are feeling overwhelmed, but don’t make the time to deal with what is causing it or result to ineffective todo lists.  When they aren’t over stressed they feel there is no need to spend time getting organized.

However, if you want to unlock your full potential you need to to have a system that is automatic.  One that allows your mind to process new information in creative ways instead of rejecting them straight away because it is already over loaded with data that could be managed in a more reliable external system.

Your mind deserves to be set free.  How are you going to do that today?

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