Chandler Represented at Invest Southwest

This year at Invest Southwest Capital Conference three of the twelve finalists are Chandler, AZ companies.  It is great to see that per capita Chandler is producing results in the entrepreneurial community.

I just wanted to thank the following companies for choosing Chandler as their home.

Elliptical Mobile Solutions – Offers a cost-effective, energy-efficient, micro-containerized data center by making refrigerator units for IT equipment.

Seal Innotech – Provides mobile business applications synced with enterprise resource planning for Fortune 1000 sales representatives, executives, operations and other staff.

Sokikom – Is developing a multi-player online learning game to help students learn math.

Additional support goes out to one of the finalists choosing a technical partner located in Chandler.

ArmedZilla – Is a social networking support system for the military community.

Best of luck to all the participants.  It is great to the start up community alive and well.


  1. This is just sad Derek. The entire line-up of presenting people can be seen here:

    You only mention Chandler. But what about the 4 from Phoenix, 2 from Scottsdale. Hell, there’s only one company outside of AZ. The entire endeavor is from ASU as well. Maybe mention that?

    This kind of skewed information is getting old.

  2. Who cares about the non-Chandler people? He didn’t say Chandler was the only one representing, and since his business is in Chandler, it makes sense that he’d champion those closest to him.

  3. Mark,

    I did mention “three of the twelve finalists”.. This post was specifically about the finalists from Chandler, so I did not feel the need to publish information about the other finalists. I also linked to the event itself so people could see all the finalists. I don’t think ASU is a significant player in this event other than administrative host, but again the post was about Chandler Finalists not the sponsors of the event. I even wished the best of luck to ALL participants, not just those in Chandler.

    I am not sure how this information is “skewed”. Can you point to the parts of the post that are factually incorrect? Maybe I am missing something?

  4. Mark,
    If you believe the event is skewed, you can find out in person by attending, assuming you are an accredited investor and are willing to part with the $350. I can tell you in my opinion we have the best line up of presenters in the four years I have been a sponsor.

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