Passion Fuels Greatness. Apathy Fuels Mediocrity.

Borrowed from Sir Ken Robinson‘s 2010 TED talk.  There are two types of people in the world.

  1. Those that simply endure what they do.  Can’t wait for the weekend.
  2. Those that love what they do.  Their work is who they are.

To do great things I think it is important to surround yourself with people in the second category.  Personally, I am finding it demoralizing to work with people that don’t love what they do.  Life is too short.  If you are miserable, quit what you are doing and find what inspires you. I hope there is a double rainbow in your future.


  1. 1. People who watch TV work jobs they hate to buy things they don’t need. Then they bitch and moan about how small business needs more credit or America needs more jobs.

    2. People who don’t have time for TV, working jobs they love until such time as the work they do to affect change in the world after hours (which consumes them, by the way) is capable of putting food on the table.

    A bit of a rant, but we don’t need more credit or mindless “jobs.” We need personal responsibility and devotion to something greater than ourselves. Some people are miserable sitting idly by, waiting for someone else to fix things, while others are fueled by the small victories they achieve every day in the pursuit of their dreams.

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