Desert Code Camp Fall 2010 Recap

Desert Code Camp this year was held at Chandler Gilbert Community College.  The venue certainly exceeded my expectations.  The architecture was incredible and the rooms were well laid out.  However, the most impressive thing was that wireless just worked.  Easy to access and didn’t crumble under the load all day long.  It has been forever since I have attended a 300+ person technical event where the wireless didn’t melt.  Kudos to the IT staff for getting it done!

Arizona Sky and Walkway

This Code Camp saw the return of Gangplank Junior in the form of a half day track.  I was able to teach a Scratch class and had a blast.  Now that we have done a few of these it is great to see returning students who already have the basics down and are able to make fairly complicated games or animations.

It was nice seeing so many of Integrum‘s staff teaching classes this year.  It really felt like we were connecting with community as a team and there was a lot of excitement in exploring new technology.  Sometimes it is nice to get out of the office and meet some new people and learn some new things.

Project Management In Small Shops

A Developer's Guide to Scrum
Other new additions were a speakers dinner and an after party.  I attended both and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Especially the after party.  There was San Tan Epicenter on tap and great conversations happening.  Many significant others attended the after party and it was moved down to Siracha Lounge where it kept going strong.