Entrepreneurs Put Capital to Work for Economic Growth

It doesn’t matter what country, society or region an entrepreneur operates within.  They will put capital to work to help stimulate the economy.  As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week the anchors at Gangplank decided to embark on a social experiment.  We realized that we are lucky to live a part of the world where access to capital is fairly easy found, to pursue our ideas.  We understand that is not the case across the globe.

We decided to use KIVA to create the Global Entrepreneurship Week Challenge.  Our first target was Jones Matagaro Nyamasege from Kenya.  He was looking for $1,000.  Our mission was to get him fully funded and get the Gangplank KIVA team to get $2000 into the system.  Amazingly within the first 24 hours we already had Jones fully funded.  We started with a second selection, Noel Pandero from the Philippines.  He was funded within a day.  We are now looking to fund Ruben Fernando from Bolivia.  Help us out and join the challenge!