Shoes Make a Girl Feel Sexy, What are You Selling?

I have four older sisters, yet I discover new things about women all the time.  While I have known that women love to shop, I never really thought about the motivations behind it.  Recently while visiting New Orleans with my wife, we were walking the French Quarter and she was shopping for new shoes.  I noticed that she was exceptionally happy.  Her step had a bounce and her smile was similar to a young child opening Christmas presents.  For the first time I was intrigued as I thought about why does this happen.  So I posed the question on twitter, why do women like to shop for shoes so much.

The answers back from women in my twitter stream were amazing.  Most notably was a response by @ninky “shoes make a girl feel sexy”.  Further dialog revealed that no matter what a girl is feeling about herself that putting on pretty shoes has the ability to instantly alter that.  Holy shit, Batman.  Now I understand why designers can sell shoes for over $500 a pair (and purses).  Because they are not selling shoes (or purses), they are selling the feeling and dream of being a princess.

This makes me ask the question.  What the hell are you selling?  What is the purpose of what you are selling?  What feelings does it illicit?  What change in life or emotion does it have? Are you selling shoes or the feeling of being a princess?