The Time For Arizona is Now

Rant from February 23rd, 2010.  Recorded after walking the Thomas building and attending an MPAC session where I stated they were doomed.

  • Old guard drowning
  • Imperfections are our strength
  • Being new will save us
  • Change our mindsets
  • Stop fighting
  • The time to do is now
  • 3 years and then we lose (we might have 5 if we are lucky)

One Comment

  1. Nice rant Derek. Prescient in many ways, not least of which was MPAC’s doom. Prior to their demise I advised them to embrace Phoenix’s differences (many of which you mentioned), especially the geographical diffusion of talent (citing open source projects as successful examples). Phoenix, the open source city. Just a thought. P.S. I owe Gangplank $20 for missing the recent charity poker tourney.

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