The Effects of Shifting/Resetting on Society

If you are listening. A lot of people are talking about a “new norm”, a “reset” or a “shift”.  Largely this discussion is around economics and growing concerns of debt.  In reality it is about a lot more than that.

Every so often a significant transformation happens.  Five recent transformations:

  1. The Industrial Revolution
  2. Age of Steam and Railways
  3. Age of Steel, Electricity and Heavy Engineering
  4. Age of Oil, Automobiles and Mass Production
  5. Age of Information and Telecommunications

During each one of these shifts/transformations/resets more than the economy was changed.  Social norms are impacted as well.

  • Homes
  • Work Places
  • Educational Systems
  • The Way We Govern
  • How We Spend Our Liesure Time

I am excited to be living in a period of transition and doing work with Integrum and Gangplank tackling how these issues play out.  I love talking abouf this stuff.  Let’s chat over a beer sometime.

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  1. Another major reset was the Sputnik revolution, which reset our education system toward engineering, math and sciences, launched the space age and led to U.S. domination in innovation, engineering, aerospace, materials sciences and dozens of other industries.

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