Notes From Fierce Leadership

Quotes and notes from Fierce Leadership by Susan Scott.

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinions. — Jack Kerouac

Your most valuable currency is relationship.  Emotional capital.

Conventional measures of business success shouldn’t be ignored.  Human connectivity, as opposed to strategy and tactics, is the next frontier for exponential growth and the only sustainable constitute edge, more visibly useful than ever before.

From 360 anonymous feedback to 365 face to face feedback.

What is it we fear?  The consequences of authenticity– intimacy and vulnerability.  We fear being real, being ourselves, disclosing our real thoughts and feelings, being seen, being known.  It’s time to change all that.


Appreciate people more.

The first company in any industry that significantly improves it’s human connectivity skills will take the field.

The three primary de-railers are difficulty handling change, not being able to work well within a team and poor interpersonal relations.

Building high performing, enduring, profitable relationships with employees and customers requires that we explore, embrace and ultimately rely on emotion in work that is, at the end of the day deeply human.

The great differeterator going forward, the next frontier for exponeital growth, the place where individuals and organizations will find a new and sustainable competitive advantage, resides in the area of human connectedness.

In my view the best reasons are the worst excuses.

Unconsciously are always choosing deep growth or slow death.  Sometimes even sudden death.

Master the courage to interrogate reality.