Thoughts On Deep Economy

Some notes on Deep Economy by Bill McKibben

“Perhaps the very act of acquiring so much stuff has turned us ever more into individuals and ever less into members of a community, isolating us in a way that runs contrary to our most basic instincts.”

“You go from being a mere consumer to being a participant, talking about what you like and dislike, expanding your sense of who’s in your community and how it fits together.”

“We have a surplus of individualism and a deficit of companionship, and so the second becomes more valuable.”

“We don’t need each other for anything anymore”

Some thoughts about Arizona wanting to be a solar state:

  • Demand all new construction have solar power
  • Mandate all power companies buy back solar power
  • Offer no interest/low interest rate loans for purchase and installation of solar equipment on existing buildings
  • Give significant rebates for retrofitting solar

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  1. Apropos of nothing, except me being glued to the BBC News coverage of events in Washington, I read that first sentence as “Derp Economics” until I looked again…

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