Four Building Blocks of High Performing (Agile) Teams

Building great teams is hard work. When it comes to Agile teams there four building blocks that have to be present. You might consider it the starting DNA sequence for building a high performing team. If the team lacks any of these it will not stand the test of time.


The team has to be empowered. They must have the permission to do what they see fit to succeed. Great teams take full advantage of opportunities to self-organize.


The team must trust each other and those that they are doing the work for. If they have a lack of trust, they will not be able to express the proper vulnerability that will open them up to greatness. This is usually the number one piece of DNA missing from most teams/organizations.

Power of Inspection

The team must constantly be scanning, observing and inspecting their work and the environment around them. Not just at the end of an iteration, but at all times. Every interaction has to be filled with curiosity and question for doing it better. The drive towards the path of excellence has to be extremely strong.

Ability to Adapt

The has to be able to act on the feedback they are collecting for improvement. Just noticing ways to improve is not enough, they have to be vigorously applied and built upon.

When teams can assemble these building blocks, they have unlimited potential. How are you unlocking these in your team?


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