Political Bites : Are Rising Tuition Costs Making You Change College Plans?

I Can't Believe It!

Are increasing tuition costs making you rethink college plans for yourself or your children?

The combination of escalating costs and 20th century learning models have begun to make attending post secondary institutions less appealing for most potential students. Students are leaving with higher student loan debt and entering a market that doesn’t value their diploma. It is becoming more difficult to encourage my children to enter the university system, soon even the community college system will be unreasonable. It is time that we confronted a system that is clearly broken.

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  1. Rethink, sure. Just late enough in the game to be more regret and escape plans than anything else.

    How does the escalating cost of tuition in Arizona, combined with said (rightly) unappreciative job market fare for the future of our economy beyond more mindless real estate expansion? Not well, methinks.

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