Political Bites : Prediction for Maricopa County Sheriff Race

Sheriff Joe Arpaio - Caricature

Regardless of your personal feelings (no plugs, please), who will win the county sheriff’s race?

Poll any Maricopa County resident.  Ask them if they have heard of Joe Arpaio.  I suspect more of them could identify who he is over vice president Joe Biden.  This is a guy that has won by double digits in the midsts of lawsuits, investigations and controversy.  Arpaio’s 10 to 1 funding advantage will likely make it difficult for Penzone to have a last minute surge with the large independent base.  It will be Arpaio’s closest race, but he will likely still come out on top.

Personal Note:  While I commend Joe’s tough stance on crime and commitment to public safety, I find him to be more focused on PR for himself and reckless with tax payer funds by his liability of methods.  I will not be voting him in for another term.