Productivity Wednesday #5 : Boomerang for GMail

Sometimes when Getting Things Done, you need a little more power in your inbox than the default.  Boomerang for GMail is the extra horsepower you need.  A few things that Boomerang provides.

1. Send Mail Later

Sometimes you want to send e-mail in the future, but you are authoring them in the right now.  Instead of creating drafts and having to set reminders to come back and send them. You can just schedule your emails as you compose them.

2. Remind Me to Followup

It is common that I will respond to someone via email and hope that they respond back.  I have gotten pretty good in Things for handling this, but for many this is still a problem.  Boomerang let’s you set an email to come back in your email box based on several conditions.  For example, if by a certain day the recipient doesn’t reply.

3. Recurring Email

If you have a recurring email you want sent Boomerang can handle that too.  I never use this feature but it is available if you have the need to send recurring emails.

You can install the GMail plugin or if you are using Mailplane it only takes a second.  Give it a try and add some horse power to your GTD arsenal today.


  1. Issues with this:
    _1 the “if I don’t hear back” feature is wonky, never had it work consistently – ditto for scheduling.
    _2 Can’t find a viable use case for scheduling an email anyway – if you’re writing it send it. Email is asychronous on purpose. If you’re doing something mass listed, you should use mailchimp or constant contact or similar anyway
    _3 works for the reminders in similar way without needing a browser plugin so it will work from any device (hello mobile email users).

    Lower tech solution works better for me

  2. Dude. If the reminder piece works 50% of the time, it will be a huge time saver for me. I’m less than a month into trying to remember to set up Google Calendar reminders to follow up on this and that. I need reminders for my reminders! Thanks for mentioning it.

  3. Chris,

    1. I used the days from now instead of the “hear back from feature” when I was using that functionality. Now I primarily use Things as it fits in my workflow better. I have not had problems with scheduling. That said, it could have instances of being buggy as hell. I use it on mailplane so can only speak to my experience.

    2. There are a lot of reasons. It is fact that people tend to have times that they read email more than other times so your “open” rate increases if you hit that time. If you are following up on a sale or such that could be important. I might remember that in 2 days it is my mom’s birthday, I want to send her a birthday wish, but I know I will forget in 2 days. Let me send it now and have it delivered in 2 days. I want to remind everyone on my team (already has a distro list) that holiday party is tomorrow (but its not tomorrow its 2 weeks from now), let me send it and forget it, but deliver it day before. I dont think any of these scenarios merits using mail chimp or constant contact. Maybe I need a whole post on how to get stuff out of your head and schedule it. 🙂

    3. I tend to not read email much when using a mobile device as it often non productive because the productivity tool sets in general are so bad on mobile. Plus it goes against some core philosophies I will try to blog about later.

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