1. Yup.

    The way I see it, I can either keep my fingers crossed in the hopes Corporate America sees my efforts worth a $10,000/yr raise, or I can continue on my path to emigrate somewhere beyond the reach of the Department of Education.

    I drive a $2000 beater to work.
    I don’t own a home.
    Why? >25% of my gross monthly income goes to loan shark Sallie Mae.
    Until the year I turn 65.

    My 2 month old daughter will not be going to college. I do intend to provide her with start-up capital, though.

  2. While I don’t doubt any of these points, and it is sinful that the cost of a college education has gone up so much faster than inflation or personal income, this analysis focuses only on the costs, not on the benefits. It is therefore misleading. The fact remains that the average college graduate earns nearly twice as much as the average person with just a high school diploma, and a graduate with a Master’s degree earns nearly half again what a college graduate earns. We must look at both sides of the equation!
    Moreover, while many people without college degrees are successful entrepreneurs, so are many people with college and advanced degrees. College is not a disqualification for a successful entrepreneurial career!

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