Customer Delight : The Power of a Bendy Straw

What are you doing to make your customers happy?  What is the experience you are providing them that puts a pep in their step or has them remembering you long after you leave?  How are you wowing them?  I eat at the same place nearly every morning (Yoli’s Cafe).  The food is good and the service pleasant, but it is the little things make it my base camp.  Customer delight is in their bones!

The staff plays upbeat music on the radio in the kitchen just loud enough that you can faintly hear it in the dining room.  They regularly dance and sing to the songs in a playful way that reminds me of my sisters or daughters just having a good time with their friends.  They remember what I like to eat and drink and treat me like a kid brother that they can tease and tell stories with.  When I am busy and just need to eat and roll they support that too.

Bendy Straw

All that is wonderful, but they still find new ways to delight me.  This morning, a bendy straw.  Yes a bendy straw was put in my cup.   The server was almost giddy at sharing this new delight, encouraging me to be a kid and have fun with it.  Sharing stories of how other customers reacted to this new and exciting addition.  It might sound silly, but a damn bendy straw stirs up the ability to play and have fun.  Who doesn’t enjoy a bendy straw?  Sure it might cost 10 cents more per straw, but it sure as hell delivers more than 10 cents of delight.

Is customer delight on your mind? What is your bendy straw?  What 10 cents are you adding for your customers today?


  1. If you think bendy straws are fun, I’ve got a great speaker for your June 26 brown bag lunch!

    Slinkys figure prominently in Andrew McAleavey’s/Patentbest’s talk on how to jump the hurdles and get a patent. I can send you info about his background if this of interest.

    He’ll be at Eureka Loft on June 28, so I’d like to offer his valuable insights to the Gangplank gang as well.

    Please contact me offline. Thank you!

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