The Difference Between Influence and Manipulation

I was listening to an episode of Partnerships & Possibilities a while back and got to thinking about influence and manipulation.  Here are some of my thoughts.

The difference between influence, positive persuasion and manipulation.

Manipulation is me trying to get what I need.
Positive Persuasion is trying to help you get what you need while still trying to get what I need.
Influence is me helping you get what you need.

How would you define the differences?

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  1. I think of manipulation as the act of getting what you want by misleading, fooling or otherwise getting others to do things which they would not given a different context or frame of mind. Example: Someone selling a $1000 car stereo for $200 in a parking lot.

    Positive persuasion sounds like the above, but without the deviousness and focusing on the positive outcomes if the other party(ies) go along with it. Example: Trying to get you to attend a concert with me by telling you how awesome the opening act is, how much fun we’ll have and that I’ll buy your dinner and drive.

    Influence makes me think of something seemingly static, doing what it does while changing the things around it, intentionally or otherwise. Example: People stopping to admire a vase of beautifully arranged flowers in the office break room.

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