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Arizona Innovation Summit

The Arizona Commerce Authority, MIT Enterprise Forum and the Arizona Scitech Festival put on the Arizona Innovation Summit earlier this month. It was well attended and had a wide range of innovators. Jeremy Babendure has done a fantastic job rallying [...]

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Gangplank Connecting Citizens

There is a wealth of information out there on connecting people, human behavior and civic engagement.  The problem is how do you use it in the face of changing world.  A world that is adapting to technology at a rapid [...]

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Creating The Arizona We Want

I was recently named a Tech Titan by the Phoenix Business Journal. I was asked to speak on a panel with Jeff Pruitt, Craig Barrett, Wendy Jameson moderated by Patrick O’ Grady at the formal event unveiling the Titans. Here [...]

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Arizona Art Project – Influx AZ Comes to Chandler Arizona.

IN FLUX a innovative multi-city initiative.  It demonstrates a holistic approach to temporary public art projects.  Influx showcases installations created by local Arizona artists.  They are preparing for their third cycle.
Local Arizona Art
This cycle has three Arizona artists displaying working [...]

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Review AZ Today iPad Magazine

The Arizona Republic recently released a new iPad magazine called “AZ Today“.  [download] They requested feedback on Twitter.  After spending some time reading it here is my review.
“Drop the non-local content.  Add more of the great quality images.  Connect with [...]

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Political Bites : Who is the Most Influential Figure of the Southeast Valley

Who is the most significant person in the history of the Southeast Valley and why?
Also, let’s define our terms, Southeast Valley is Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert, extending south to the Gila River reservation, southeast to Queen Creek, east to [...]

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Political Bites : Biggest Upset for AZ State or Local Elections?

What was your biggest surprise in state or local elections?
Proposition 204 not getting approved was a bit of a surprise.  I expected the fact that it was a permanent tax increase to affect many voters.  However, in the recent past [...]

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Political Bites : Does Arizona Spend Too Much on Prisons?

Does Arizona spend too much, too little or about the right amount of money on prisons, and why?
Arizona is definitely spending too much on prisons.  In 2010, we were spending almost $1 billion or 11% of general fund on corrections.  [...]

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Political Bites: Housing Prices Up, Good For Economy?

Housing prices are up, but supply is low. Is that good or bad for the economy?
At this point housing prices are the least of our economic problems. The looming student loan bubble, currently nearing a trillion dollars and up by [...]

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Political Bites : Hopes Before Session Ends

What is one thing you hope lawmakers will do before the session ends in a few weeks?
Sadly.  Just not doing anything hideously stupid and embarrassing to the state.

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