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Political Bites : Best Southeast Valley City for Home Ownership

If a friend wanted you to buy a home in the Southeast Valley for him/her, where would you buy it? Why? 
If my friend had kids I would choose something in South Chandler or Gilbert because of the meticulous neighborhoods and fantastic [...]

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Gangplank Connecting Citizens

There is a wealth of information out there on connecting people, human behavior and civic engagement.  The problem is how do you use it in the face of changing world.  A world that is adapting to technology at a rapid [...]

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Arizona Art Project – Influx AZ Comes to Chandler Arizona.

IN FLUX a innovative multi-city initiative.  It demonstrates a holistic approach to temporary public art projects.  Influx showcases installations created by local Arizona artists.  They are preparing for their third cycle.
Local Arizona Art
This cycle has three Arizona artists displaying working [...]

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Political Bites : Who is the Most Influential Figure of the Southeast Valley

Who is the most significant person in the history of the Southeast Valley and why?
Also, let’s define our terms, Southeast Valley is Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert, extending south to the Gila River reservation, southeast to Queen Creek, east to [...]

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Chandler Center for the Arts.. A Place to Arrive

Recently, I was asked to sit in on a visioning session for the Chandler Center for the Arts (CCA). The report from those meetings has been published. You can find it here.

CCA should be applauded for not resting on it’s [...]

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Valley Area Libraries Now Support Kindle Book Reader

I love to read.  I love libraries.  I have blogged before about my obsession with books.  I regularly put out book reviews.  I am extremely active on Goodreads.  So today, is a special day for me.  Many of the Metro [...]

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Political Bites : Historic Preservation in the Southeast Valley

What’s your favorite historic revival story? Which historic Southeast Valley buildings most need saving?
In Chandler, I love what San Tan Brewing did with the old bank, keeping the safe in tact and repurposing it as an office. Coach and Willies [...]

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Observations to Making a City Walkable

When making the choice to move Gangplank to downtown Chandler one of the goals was to be in an area that was walkable.  The last four months has allowed me a lot of time to observe what is important in [...]

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Technical Infrastructure is Important for the Creative Class

Investment in cultural and technical infrastructure is imperative if we want to attract and retain creative people.  Just the other day I got to see my friend Tyler Hurst throw a fit because something as simple as lack of 3G [...]

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Chandler Represented at Invest Southwest

This year at Invest Southwest Capital Conference three of the twelve finalists are Chandler, AZ companies.  It is great to see that per capita Chandler is producing results in the entrepreneurial community.
I just wanted to thank the following companies for [...]

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