TextMate Tip #5 (Counting Iterators)

TextMate Tip #5 (Counting Iterators) from Derek Neighbors on Vimeo.

Got more motivation to keep slugging away at TextMate Tips.  Besides good comments here in the blog and on the video sites where the content is posted.

Spending 10 minutes every few days has gotten developers in the office talking about their tools more.  So while the initial goal was to get myself and some interns up to speed on TextMate, it really has pushed everyone to up their game.  In fact, I got this email today from Clayton…

Jay and I found a really useful shortcut for jumping between specs and the models/controllers they represent. Also works with jumping between a Cucumber feature file and its steps.

(With a model open)
Jumps to the spec file for this model (The opposite works when viewing a spec)

(With a feature open)
Jumps to the step file for this feature (The opposite works when viewing a step file)

Unfortunately I’m not sure which Bundle this comes with.

I am hoping that after getting out of the basics with the Tip of the Day we will get to more advanced content/bundles.  Soon.  Just be patient.

TextMate Tip #1 (Hashes)

I get disappointed when people don’t make an effort to learn their tool set.  I am guilty of this as I used to be a hard core emacs user, but when I moved from GNU\Linux to Mac OSX, I migrated to Textmate and stopped programming full time.  I never took the time to learn the new editor.  Having paired a lot lately with our interns I feel I am doing them a dis-service by not giving them a full arsenal of tricks in their primary weapon “the editor”.  Mountain West Ruby Conference inspired me to do something about it, well actually the RV Trip there and back.

So, I am going to try and do a Textmate Tip/Trick of the week (or maybe day).  Many of these items will be new to me as well, so if I mess it up or miss something cool, please let me know.  If you find them valuable also let me know.  Here is the first installation.

Text Mate Tip of the Day (Hashes) Episode 1 from Derek Neighbors on Vimeo.

Text Mate Talk

At Integrum we regularly do Tech Talks to help one another grow. Since a large group of our team is new to TextMate, I thought it would be fitting to do a little talk on using TextMate to boost productivity.

Along with that came a little lesson about the history of text editors (the emacs vs vi wars) and why it’s important to know your tool set. (Click on image below to advance through slide show)