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Creating The Arizona We Want

I was recently named a Tech Titan by the Phoenix Business Journal. I was asked to speak on a panel with Jeff Pruitt, Craig Barrett, Wendy Jameson moderated by Patrick O’ Grady at the formal event unveiling the Titans. Here [...]

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College Fiscal Crisis By the Numbers

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Political Bites : When Should We Hold City and School Elections?

Should city and school elections be held separately from the partisan November elections?
No.  The cost of having an election is relatively high.  Requiring material to be sent out via mail, assembling volunteers at each polling place and tallying up the [...]

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What Does It Cost to Educate a President

I’m a sucker for infographics. I happen to like visualizing the cost of education. This seemed worth sharing. A little biased I suppose, but still interesting none the less.

By The Cost to Educate a President

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Graduated and Living at Home

Infographic conveying some of the statistics of the looming college loan bubble.

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Political Bites : Standardized Testing and Teacher Evaluations

How much standardized test scores factor into teacher evaluations?
What is the goal of school?  Is it testing proficiency? Standardized tests are probably a poor measure of teacher effectiveness.  Perhaps we could measure student engagement or their desire to continue learning?

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Political Bites : Extra Year of Science/Math To Prepare for Tougher Standards?

Will an extra year of high-school science and math improve students’ skills in the subjects?
An extra year will probably not significantly help.  The real problem is that students are not engaged in their learning.  We continue to relax requirements because [...]

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Innovation: Organizing for Collaboration and Innovation through Policy, Innovation by Design

Recently I was invited to talk to a group of science educators about collaboration.  I tend to rant a bit when talking about education, but at least it was a short rant.

Derek Neighbors – Hacking Innovation from Kennan Salinero on [...]

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Political Bites : Are Rising Tuition Costs Making You Change College Plans?

Are increasing tuition costs making you rethink college plans for yourself or your children?
The combination of escalating costs and 20th century learning models have begun to make attending post secondary institutions less appealing for most potential students. Students are leaving [...]

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Hierarchy of Reading

Abraham Maslow made the concept of hierarchies of progression in systems popular via his work on a hierarchy of needs.  Below is a theory about the hierarchy of different types of readers.

Survival Reader
Only reads when critical to survival.  This type of reader regularly denounces [...]

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