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Sunday Book Review : Next: The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis

Next: The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I enjoy Lewis’ writing in general, but I particularly liked where he went with Next: The Future Just Happened. Showing how the Internet boom has changed everything. Telling [...]

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MailChimp Christmas Gift (Minion Handbook)

At Integrum we use MailChimp to send out our AgileWeekly Newsletter.  We love the experience and the product.  One of the things that is apparent to me is that MailChimp knows how to have fun.  I suspect it has to [...]

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Gangplank Connecting Citizens

There is a wealth of information out there on connecting people, human behavior and civic engagement.  The problem is how do you use it in the face of changing world.  A world that is adapting to technology at a rapid [...]

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Creating The Arizona We Want

I was recently named a Tech Titan by the Phoenix Business Journal. I was asked to speak on a panel with Jeff Pruitt, Craig Barrett, Wendy Jameson moderated by Patrick O’ Grady at the formal event unveiling the Titans. Here [...]

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Arizona Art Project – Influx AZ Comes to Chandler Arizona.

IN FLUX a innovative multi-city initiative.  It demonstrates a holistic approach to temporary public art projects.  Influx showcases installations created by local Arizona artists.  They are preparing for their third cycle.
Local Arizona Art
This cycle has three Arizona artists displaying working [...]

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Shirky’s Sharing Model : Personal, Communal, Public and Civic

Clay Shirky enlightens us in Cognitive Surplus that, “the organization of sharing has many forms” and that those forms have varying output values.  He gives us a way “we can identify four essential points on the spectrum”. The four essential [...]

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What Makes Gangplank Magical?

For a while there was a #whygp push going on to ask people what made Gangplank unique to them.  You can see the results at What is Gangplank.  The truth is, Gangplank is magical.  It is often cited as being so, [...]

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Innovation: Organizing for Collaboration and Innovation through Policy, Innovation by Design

Recently I was invited to talk to a group of science educators about collaboration.  I tend to rant a bit when talking about education, but at least it was a short rant.

Derek Neighbors – Hacking Innovation from Kennan Salinero on [...]

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10 Steps for Planning a Great Event

The most difficult part about planning an event is knowing where to start. At Gangplank, we plan a lot of events. We have created a simple process that allows us to jump right into planning.

We assemble those involved in the [...]

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The New Collaborative Economy

Today I was a guest on BlogTalkRadio C-Radio talking about the new collaborative economy.

Listen to internet radio with The CXRadio Show on Blog Talk Radio

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