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MailChimp Christmas Gift (Minion Handbook)

At Integrum we use MailChimp to send out our AgileWeekly Newsletter.  We love the experience and the product.  One of the things that is apparent to me is that MailChimp knows how to have fun.  I suspect it has to [...]

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Face to Face for Remote Team Members

Seeking Presence
Trying to do Agile practices on teams with remote team members is always a challenge. Especially when there is only one person on the team that this not physically co-located with the rest of the team. It is easy [...]

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What is the Difference Between Scrum vs Kanban?

What Process is Right For My Team (Scrum vs Kanban)
I see a lot of new teams search endlessly for the best process for to use.  They tend to ask what is best for us?  Which usually devolves into Scrum vs [...]

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How to Run a Lean Coffee Meeting

During a session at Agile Open Northwest convened by Arlo Belshee a number of us discussed good ideas (Lean Coffee, Core Protocols, Open Space Technology, Technical Practices and Team Practices) that needed to be spread.  These are things we take [...]

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Agile Open Southwest Recap

Open Spaces always tend to amaze me.  They really are the right people in the right place at the right time.  When we kicked off Agile Open Southwest, I was a little bit nervous about what might come out.  As [...]

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Hacking Standups – I Feel Exposed

At Integrum we regularly find new things to try as a result of our regular team retrospectives.  Recently, the team had a lot of discussion about what it takes to make teams great.  There was a lot of discussion about [...]

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Ruby Revolution Rebuttal

Mark Turner has made a great response titled “Ruby never powered a revolution” to counter my recent post “Ruby is Just a Bunch of Tools“.  Excerpts from Mark’s post bold.
“I decided he was wrong.”
Mark, I am never wrong.  However, I [...]

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The Effects of Shifting/Resetting on Society

If you are listening. A lot of people are talking about a “new norm”, a “reset” or a “shift”.  Largely this discussion is around economics and growing concerns of debt.  In reality it is about a lot more than that.
Every [...]

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Desert Code Camp 2011.1

Saturday April 2nd @ Chandler-Gilbert Community College Pecos Campus
Desert Code Camp has opened it’s call for suggestions.  This is a great FREE event that brings together technologists of all kinds together at a single location to learn (while feeding them [...]

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Desert Code Camp Fall 2010 Recap

Desert Code Camp this year was held at Chandler Gilbert Community College.  The venue certainly exceeded my expectations.  The architecture was incredible and the rooms were well laid out.  However, the most impressive thing was that wireless just worked.  Easy [...]

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