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Review AZ Today iPad Magazine

The Arizona Republic recently released a new iPad magazine called “AZ Today“.  [download] They requested feedback on Twitter.  After spending some time reading it here is my review.
“Drop the non-local content.  Add more of the great quality images.  Connect with [...]

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Developer Ignite 2: Location, Location, Location

Here is my presentation from Developer Ignite #2: Location Location, Location…
Abstract: Global Positioning System (GPS) has been around for fifty years, but with the rise of GPS enabled mobile platform it has just started to gain real traction. The Internet [...]

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Top 10 Things You May Not Know About The iPhone

I always wanted to do a dumb ass top 10 list.  So here it is!

It has out sold xbox 360.
It is more powerful than the Nintendo Wii.
iTunes now sells 25% of music in the United States. (okay not just an [...]

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$50 Billion Available to Mobile Innovators (iPhone Bailout Plan?)

At our tech accelerator Gangplank we get pitched an idea at least once a week that attempts to solve one of two problems.

Local businesses have few effective options to advertise because direct mail, radio and newspapers are losing traction.
Existing marketers/advertisers [...]

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$10 Million Android Bucks

I was watching Britts soccer practice last night and skimming through YouTube videos. I happened to find this Google Android Demo video:

Love the concept, but think the UI is horribly ugly. Free Software aspects are nice. Anyhow [...]

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iPhone Hacking

So over the weekend seeing Josh Knowles’ iPhone presentation I really got motivated to do something with my iPhone. I was a little nervous until after code camp I had to have something fixed on my phone and I [...]

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