The Difference Between Influence and Manipulation

I was listening to an episode of Partnerships & Possibilities a while back and got to thinking about influence and manipulation.  Here are some of my thoughts.

The difference between influence, positive persuasion and manipulation.

Manipulation is me trying to get what I need.
Positive Persuasion is trying to help you get what you need while still trying to get what I need.
Influence is me helping you get what you need.

How would you define the differences?

Don’t Call Yourself an Investor

I must confess I have road rage.  Not with other drivers.  With myself.  My brain likes to get violent with ideas while I drive.  My outlet is a recording device.  I have always kept these to myself.  I probably should continue to do so, but then Im being a hypocrite.   Please take these with a grain of salt.  They are what I am passionate about.  Expect them to be volatile.

This rant is about Arizona Investors and their apparent in ability to take significant risk.  I realize this is a generalization.  There are some decent investors here.