Civic Duty: Respond to the Census

You should have received your 2010 US Census in the mail recently.  I have seen people make fun of the postal mail telling you to be looking for it and the additional mail reminding you to fill out it and return it and even the billboards telling you about it.  The truth is that in Arizona only 66% of people have actually responded.  That’s a D on our report card.  We are currently 38th worst at responding.

Please do your civic duty and respond to the census.  It’s not too late.  You can do it online. That transit system you want.  The better schools that we complain about not having.  Virtually anything that has federal funding involved benefits us to have every person in this state counted.  If you haven’t submitted your census.  Get off your ass and do it.  Then please post something on facebook asking people to respond.  Then post to twitter asking people to respond.  Then ask at least 10 people in person if they have submitted their census.  Soon they will start spending tax dollars for people to go door to door for anyone not yet responding.