Accountability Is Painful!

Part of doing agile development means being accountable and transparent. Recently Integrum has started to step up it’s path towards excellence. The team felt that testing was not being all that it could be and more importantly that it wasn’t visible enough. We have a “FAIL board”, which a large screen TV out in the open, that shows all current projects with failing builds. Last hacknight Jade and Clayton made a plugin so that setting up a new (or existing) project on Cruise Control is completely painless. (Will work on publishing it in near future)

All projects were immediately added to CruiseControl. All developers were then required to get their builds passing. One project got “built” really fast. Seems they had no test specs or features. Of course, the easiest fix to this problem was to run a little script to build all the spec/feature files and create mass failure. (Will work on publishing it in near future) It only would be fair to then call out to the entire team the Shenanigans!


Names cut out to protect the innocent. I <3 this team!  Where else do you get to work with evil?