Sunday Review: Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck

I have decided to do a dead simple book review every Sunday. Some of this is to just share what I’m reading. Rather than go with some complex rating system a book will either be a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Thumbs up means I highly recommend reading the book. A thumbs down means read something else unless you have free time on your hands. I will then do a one or two sentence at most comment on the book.
Take Away: This is the current bible of good software development practices. Kent unchains the disciplined programmer by introducing him to the team.

Prod Wed #1 (QuickSilver iCal Events)

So Chris Conrey had started tweeting one Wednesday about kicking ass. He used the hashtag #productivitywednesday or something. The meme started to catch on internally. I have been on a mission of late to help accelerate getting things done. While working with our interns I started my drive for TextMate Tip of the Day. I am also going to start a Unix Tip of the Day because it’s another under utilized tool by many young hackers. Then I started thinking of the hundreds of cool tricks that exist and come across my path.

So I decided to release one cool thing per week in honor of Productivity Wednesday. This first one highlights one of my favorite time accelerators Quicksilver. It shows you how to add an event to iCal or Google Calendar via Quicksilver. Enjoy!

Productivity Wednesday #1 (QuickSilver Add iCal Events) from Derek Neighbors on Vimeo.