Get Deliberate

@tdhurst posted on “It never gets easier“.  A good post that had one of those triggers: Work Smarter, Not Harder.   Oddly, @evo_terra had posted something similar the other day on twitter.  I hear this all the time at work as well.  Frankly, the phrase just pisses me off lately.

Assuming that the goal is excellence (in whatever it is you are doing relationships, work, running, etc) and that excellence is a journey not a destination.  It is important to remember that NO ONE moves down the path towards excellence without hard work. However, work alone is not enough. It has to be deliberate work or as researchers would say “deliberate practice“. That is where the smarter part comes in.

My new mantra is work harder and smarter. Get deliberate in what you want to be better at. Always easier said than done, but you can’t fail if you don’t try.