Failure Does Not Equal Humiliation

CEO of Local Motors John Rogers said “We make you feel wanted and we make you feel knowledgeable.” today while talking about how they treat their customers. James Archer brought up “On making people feel knowledgeable, I’ve often wondered about the “fail culture” at GP. Humiliation leads to not trying?”

My response is that a community is fundamentally broken if it equates failure to humiliation.  A truly collaborative and innovative community sees the act of trying the impossible and the journey of getting there as thing to be proud about.  The resulting success or failure is merely a by product of that journey.  Gangplank is not encouraging people to fail.  It is encouraging people to try things beyond their comfort level.  Be Dangerous.  We talk about failure because it is important that we have a culture where it is OK to fail.  That if you try and fail you will not be shunned, ridiculed or humiliated.  Instead you will be picked up, dusted off and sent back to try again.

We need to find the sweet spot between supportive and cheer leading.