Phoenix City Council Still Spineless

I remained hopeful that perhaps Phoenix had finally hit bottom.  That it had sunk so low that it was willing to fight the stranglehold that land developers and the kookocracy had over it.  I was assuming that “Phoenix may get it right with a property tax hike“.

I was grossly mistaken.  The land consuming machine still reigns supreme here.  The City of Phoenix council showed itself spineless as it recoiled in fear and refused to do the responsible thing.  Instead they conveniently delayed the decision for two years.  It will delay $200 million in voter approved bond projects and reorganize debt instead.

We can talk about the Arizona We Want all day long.  We can even vote to fund the projects to build it.  The problem is that the Arizona We Want doesn’t align with the aspirations of budding politicians or growth starved land development megaliths.