Explore Arizona Tweetups

I have been talking a little bit lately about the Arizona State Park System and it’s woes.  I realized that many people that are new to Arizona haven’t really explored it and don’t understand some of the awesome that surrounds them.  Others who have been here a long time may have made it to the world famous places like the Grand Canyon, but never seen the more off the beaten path beauties.

One of my new year’s resolutions was going to be to get the family out and about in the RV at least one time a month in 2010.  So in the spirit of community and exploration I have decided that perhaps each of these journies should be to a State Park and that they should be done as a Tweet Up so to speak.  People have often asked for Gangplank camping trips, so now maybe the two can be combined.  If you are interested let me know by commenting.  I will make posts to this blog and on twitter.  #exploreaz

Need to cross verify with my wife and then will post first trip (hopefully in January)!

We Take Open Space for Granted

One of the best things about living in metro Phoenix is that we can be in the center of a seemingly never ending city, but still be surrounded by the beauty of the desert at every turn.  There is a plethora of open space and people that care about preserving it.  One of the hidden gems that the Maricopa County Parks & Recreation department has been fighting to implement despite continued reduction in funding is the Maricopa Trail.  The trail runs throughout Maricopa County and connects nine of the counties parks.  The pathway will be over 240 miles and larger than Loops 101, 202 and 303 combined.  How about that for perspective?