San Tan Regional Park

I have been talking about Arizona and the fiscal problems with our state park system of late.  I was starting to feel hypocritical because not only do I own an RV, but I hadn’t gotten off my ass and enjoyed the things I was claiming to love.  It made me do some reflecting and I will be attempting to take the RV out one time a month and get to a regional park every weekend I can to explore Arizona.

I took the kids to San Tan Regional Park just south of where I live in Queen Creek, AZ on New Years Eve.  They absolutely LOVED being outside and hiking.  They begged to do it again.  So the very next day, I figured lets start the New Year off right!  Before I knew it they had invited more friends than would fit in the car.  It was like they were handing out passes to Disneyland.  Every kid in the neighborhood wanted to go.  I definitely feel that Gangplank JR has hiking in it’s future.

When we pulled in this time instead of paying the day fee, I purchased the annual pass.  It just felt good supporting the regional park system.  I hope to purchase both a state and national pass this year as well.  We were off to the races and put in a 5 mile hike.  Our guest hikers begged to come with us the next time we returned.  I woke up the following day with very sore legs.  5 miles was too much, but well worth it.  I am excited to get out and enjoy Arizona more.  I am quickly reminded why I love this place so much.  Did I mention it’s 70 degrees outside and its the beginning of January!