More Possibilities for the Arts in Chandler

The Chandler Center for the Arts is getting ready for it’s first season since it’s $6.7 million renovation.  The improvements included several visual improvements including new facade, new carpet and reupholstered seats.  However, the biggest changes were behind the scenes as significant technical upgrades have been put in place to open the center to entirely different types of shows than it had been capable of in the past.  These new capabilities provide new possibilities.

Highlights of Season

11th Chandler Symphony (Free)
12th “That’s Life” (Free)
18th Intel Variety Show
24th Howie Mandel

10th Chandler Symphony (Free)
13th US Air Force Academy Band (Free)
24th Cirque Shanghai Bai Xi (See Them In Action)

13th ABBA Mania (See Them In Action)
14th Chandler Symphony (Free)
26th-28th Ballet Etudes – NUTCRACKER

26th-31st Zoppe Italian Family Circus (See Them In Action)

08th Chandler Symphony (Free)

04th Chandler Symphony (Free)
12th Dancing On Ice
19th Chandler Symphony (Free)

27th Chandler Symphony (Free)

08th Street Beat (See Them In Action)
16th Chandler Symphony (Free)
16th HOTEL CALIFORNIA Salute to the Eagles
17th SPENCERS Theatre of Illusion (See Them In Action)

I am excited as I hear chatter that the Center is now looking to upgrade it’s programming to be more relevant to a younger demographic.  What kind of events/shows would you like to see?  Let’s get some great content for next season!